Florida Cracker Cattle

The acquisition of a herd of registered Florida Cracker cows, ushered in a new era on the farm. The docile breed is known to provide flavorful – tender meat, marketed to top chefs and restaurants. Learn more about the heritage Cracker Cattle, “the easy keeper” bred at: the Florida Cracker Cattle Association. These American quin-centennial cattle were nearing extinction. Researchers initially used a 1908 photo album of Florida Cracker Cattle to ensure adherence to color, size, and confirmation standards as the breed was being saved. Through DNA testing these cattle have now been recorded as one of North America’s oldest cattle breeds, ca. 1520s along with their close relative the Pinewoods cow.

Young bull calf born on the farm in August, 2023
Florida Cracker Cattle

Cracker cattle are inexpensive to raise because of their parasite and disease resistance; they require no antibiotics, hormones, or antiparasitic drugs. This makes them good candidates for ranchers seeking to produce natural beef...Un of Florida

Florida Cracker Cattle
Registered Florida Cracker Bull (Black)

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Florida Cracker Cattle, Katahdin Lambs and Meat Goats

Buy your Florida Cracker bull calf for breeding or to raise for delicious beef.  Commercial and register stock available: $750.+