Kiko - Savanna Goats

Kiko-x-Savanna goats
Group of Kiko x Savanna does - 2021

While visiting other farms across the South, Wade witnessed hobby farms and ranchers divesting of their modern goat breeds. Several of whom have chosen to raise Kiko, Kiko-cross, Kiko meat goats, and varieties of Spanish goats. These breeds are well adopted to the region’s heat and humidity. Each is also known to be hardy, healthy and productive. –

Group of Kiko x Savanna does for breeding great meat goats - 2021

The Fairey’s farm also raises Kiko – Savanna commercial goats. Offspring is used to enlarge their livestock holdings and the farm markets very limited quantities of select goats to the public. Routinely a high percentage of the kid are sold at the livestock barns, that is until an excess of quality animals are farm raised. 

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Cracker Cattle, Spanish Koy goats, and Kilo x Savanna goats.