Spanish Koy Goats

While visiting other farms across the South, Wade witnessed hobby farms and ranchers divesting of their modern goat breeds. Several of whom have chosen to raise Kiko, Kiko crosses, and varieties of Spanish goats. These breeds are well adopted to the region’s heat and humidity. Each is also known to be hardy, healthy and productive. As of 2021, Cracker Farms, added a small herd of verified Spanish Koy goats to their pastures. No, they may not grow as quickly as the modern meat goat breeds but as one old time farm stated, “I buried more of my Boer goats every year than I took to market, that’s why I switched to Spanish goats.” 

Missouri - Cracker Farms Registered Spanish Koy buck at 15 months.
Missouri - Cracker Farms young Spanish Koy buck.

Cracker Farms took on Spanish goats as a conservation project with an eye towards sustainable livestock, that might in the future, produce marketable meat goats as well as quality replacement livestock for goat producers.  At the Spanish Goat Gathering in 2021, five bred Spanish Koy does, were one of the highest priced groups sold! Learn more about Spanish goats at: the Spanish Goats Association 

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Cracker Cattle, Spanish Koy goats, and Kilo x Savanna goats.