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Ms. Eva Chappell's store moved to Cracker Farms in 2020.

Cracker Farms, named for the family’s German Shorthaired pointer, is a small farm south of Rock Hill, S.C., owned and operated by the Fairey family.  Wade, Sr., is an enthusiastic historic preservationist and conservator of animals – antiquities.  His wife, Cathy offers her warm hospitality and delicious southern cooking to quests. One of her specialties is stickies, a recipe given to her by an elderly South Carolinian. She wanted her old family recipe enjoyed, shared and saved! It’s therefore fitting the farm also began conserving heritage animals and welcomes farm visits by appointment.

German Shorthaired Pointer

Converting to heritage livestock was a lengthy process.

Cattle, horses, guinea fowl, chickens, and goats have all roamed the fields of the Fairey’s farm. While visiting other farms across the South, Wade witnessed hobby farms and ranchers divesting of their modern goat breeds. Several of whom have chosen to raise Spanish goats and Katahdin sheep. These breeds are well adopted to the region’s heat and humidity. Each is also known to be hardy, healthy and productive. As of 2021, Cracker Farms, added a small herd of verified Spanish Koy goats to their pastures. No, they may not grow as quickly as the modern meat goat breeds but as one old time farm stated, “I buried more of my Boer goats every year than I took to market, that’s why I switched.” Cracker Farms also began raising Katahdin sheep for the production and marketing of Katahdin Lamb. Contact Cracker Farms if you are interested in buying flavorful lamb directly from the farm.

For Sale

Florida Cracker Cattle, Katahdin Lambs and Meat Goats

Buy your Florida Cracker bull calf for breeding or to raise for delicious beef.  Commercial and register stock available: $750.+